You’ve come this far, let’s take you further.
The next mountain of challenges are waiting.




The mantra at ROC (Riad Ouarzazi Consulting) is simple; always be ready for what’s next. Your life is filled with a range of challenges like mountains, each mountain towers over another like a daunting force casting it shadows over everything. You are small, and the climb is difficult. ROC is what you will hold on to, to push yourself from one peak to another. Be it the mountain of relationships, job, leadership, or emotional mastery. Riad Ouarzazi will personally push you to reach the apex of your life’s challenges.



Let’s say you are taking a trip to the Cayman Islands. This had been your life long goal, your dream vacation. Before you set out on your journey what do you do? You brainstorm, you plan, and you take action.

Then you pack your bags with all the essential elements you need for your journey, to make your vacation, your life-long goal feel fulfilled. You pack your clothes, your hygienic products, your money, etc. things you cannot complete your vacation without.

What you pack in your bag prepares you for what’s next.

ROC prepares you for your goals by providing you with the essential tools, and elements required for you to attain your goals, your aspirations.

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Our Upcoming Programs

ROC has many programs to help you succeed on your specific journey, be it a journey for leadership, emotional management, marriage, or public speaking; ROC has the perfect system for you. There is no settling here, only looking towards what’s next.

My Serenity

My Serenity is exactly as the title suggests, finding the serenity in your home. It all starts with love, for some the journey is easy, for others who were once in love, its bumpy. Never the less, the goal is always to find the serenity that Prophet (saw) had, in love, and in divorce.

This course is filled with weekly lessons, and also has exclusive weekly live sessions where Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi will answer the most pressing questions regarding all elements of marriage.

Lastly, this course also comes with one-on-one consulting service should you require it.

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You know what we love more than pushing you to your endless possibilities? Talk.

That’s right, drop us an email, or call us. Doesn’t need to be about anything in particular, it could even be that you just wanted to have a nice and plesent conversation.


Those who take part in ROC have many stories to tell of their journey, here are just a few of them.

Loved it so much!

We didn’t want this to end, I wish this could’ve go on and on, because of how much we benefited from this.

A Family Experience

I brough my entire family to this ROC seminar, this is definitely a must attend program.