…Love, Marriage & Family Life in Islam  

Our parents, spouse(s), kids, families are so important, they are one of the strongest pillars of our lives. How one’s character is shaped, thoughts and understanding is formed branches from an early stage… How we were brought up, the environment we grew up in etc. Sometimes we fear for our loved ones, on what they may be exposed to but having the right nourishment can help to not only build harmony within our homes but as well as help with our interactions outside our homes.

“Our aim for this retreat is to strengthen and or bring back family ties; unification, love, mercy, understanding and compassion as well as build friendship.”


What Will You Learn?

  • Foundation #1: Sense the Value of Family
  • Foundation #2: Join One Another in Worship
  • Foundation #3: The Mercy Principle
  • Foundation #4: Family – Blessing from Allaah
  • Foundation #5: The Integral Role of the Father; The Father, the Friend
  • Foundation #6: The Language of Compassion
  • Foundation #7: The Mother – The Engine for Motivation
  • Foundation #8: NO to Hostility; Current & Proposed Disciplinary Methods
  • Foundation #9: Honouring the Parents
  • Foundation #10: Spouses; Signs Love is Fading Away
  • Foundation #11: Water the Love
  • Foundation #12: Youth & Unlawful Relationships

3 Messages to the Youth
How to Control Lust
Foundation #13: Who Are Your Friends?


What More Can You Expect?

Stay at the lovely Yarnfield Park. Each room offers:

  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Tea/ Coffee and Biscuits
  • Desk
  • Free WiFi
  • Daily spiritually uplifting lectures by Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi
  • Take a hike! Explore its idyllic surroundings
  • Marshmallows and stories around the camp fire
  • Test your skills and challenge others in fun games, challenges and physical activities
  • Special qiyam (night prayer) program every night
  • Get those monkeys off your shoulders! Open discussion based sessions every night to let off steam and tackle things that bother you!
  • All this spent in amazing good company of fellow brothers and sisters!


£ 179

Per PersonEarly Bird Pricing
Valid for First 20 People
£199 Thereafter


11-17 YRS

£ 139

Per PersonEarly Bird Pricing
Valid for First 10 People
£159 Thereafter


4-11 YRS

£ 99

Per PersonEarly Bird Pricing
Valid for First 10 People
£129 Thereafter


Under 4 ARE FREE
(Please note creche is unavailable)

info@roctraining.com | +44 7539 732 999